Admission Policy

The school aims to provide an environment where each child matters no matter the tribe or socio-economic circumstances and to protect the best interest of the learners.

For the purpose of this policy a ‘parent’ means the biological parent, legal guardian, adoptive parent or any other person who is responsible for the learner’s education.

Commitment made in respect of the child’s education shall include all aspects of the school programs- curricular and co-curricular.

Criteria for Admission

Admission of learners to the school shall be based on the following

  • Completion of an admission form duly signed by the parent
  • Whether the academic aptitude of the child is appropriate for the grade level to which admission is sought. This is ascertained through an admission test covering numeracy, literacy and a general paper
  • Whether the school is able to meet the educational needs of the child
  • Provision of the last report from previous school

School Fees– The school is a private initiative hence to maintain a well functioning school, fees are charged to parents and is usually stated at the time of admission. These include tuition, registration, co-curricular, educational resources, consumables, caution fees and others as occasion demands.

The maintenance fee is a non refundable payment. Parents are required to pay atleast 70% of the fees on admission and before resumption of classes each term

  1. School fees should be paid to the school’s designated bank account only. Cash are not allowed at all
  2. School fees are expected to be paid on or before resumption and not later than two weeks after resumption. Please note that those who have not paid the due fees by the second week after resumption will not be allowed into classes. After this time, the school reserves the right to refuse a child entry to school.

Please note also that fees paid are not refundable under no circumstances.

Child care during school hours

In case of ilhealth or accident emergency the parents will be contacted and then necessary steps taken for appropriate medical treatment and the cost charged to the parents.

Parents are advised to keep sick children away from school


Mild discipline is applied for severe cases of indiscipline in accordance with the behavior management strategy of the school.

After school care/Extended hours

School closes by 1.30pm daily for the EYFS and 2.30pm for primary. Parents are advised to pick up kids within one hour of end of school each day, failure of which will attract extra charges per hour per child.

This service could also be tailored to meet special needs

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