The BlueBrooks School is a preschool and primary School set up to provide quality and affordable education to children in Nigeria starting from Lekki-Epe area of Lagos. We are poised to nurture the seed of leadership in the child because it is easier to prepare a child than to repair a man. Therefore we are committed to open life-changing opportunities for children through quality education and nurture.

Our learning philosophy is a blend of the Nigerian National Policy on Education with the British Early Years Foundation curriculum. We want to help the child experience and discover knowledge by making learning an enjoyable activity and most importantly, nurture the child for character and confidence.

The Bluebrooks School with RC number OY57762 was founded in the year 2012 and incorporated to provide educational services to children. The Bluebrooks School is a private entity, with the exclusive purpose of providing sound education, character and confidence and to corroborate the efforts of government in building manpower, raising future leaders and ensuring growth and development of the nation.

Our curriculum design, implementation and delivery strategies empower the child to become literate at the earliest time but most certainly before proceeding to the primary level of learning.


To provide quality and pocket friendly education and become a leading school of choice for parents.

 Our Mission

 The Bluebrooks School is more than a school. We are motivated by a mission to lay a solid foundation for learning, character and excellence that would bring out the child’s unique potentials. We will do this through a thorough and conscious culture of excellence in teaching, counseling, modeling and purposeful guidance using the best resources possible and based on Christian ideals. We also want to make a lasting impact and find meaning and purpose doing so.

We will always model high quality standards, internationally offering a cost-effective, broad, and challenging educational program to pupils.

Our school is committed to inspire pupils and to lay the foundation for the highest standards of intellectual and personal development through a stimulating and comprehensive educational program.


Our goals for young children are

  1. To help children develop their innate potentials and gain knowledge and value while attaining their potentials in academic, social and physical areas.
  2. To build the foundation for children to become independent, responsible and confident citizens.
  3. To set high moral standards for the children and coach them along that path.
  4. To learn through active involvement with people, events and ideas.
  5. To maintain a vibrant, happy social and physical environment

The Bluebrooks School – Your family school

Our Core:

We will uphold the following Values in all our dealings:

Respect, Integrity, Discipline, Excellence and Purpose.

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